Noëlle Demole with the children at the orphanage of St. Mary Jesus Home for Children, Arani (2012)


How the idea started...

Coming back from India, after I went on my first humanitarian mission with the organization Friends of India in 2012, I decided to help the orphanage where I worked the most of my time and raise funds.


My first project was to help the orphanage of St. Mary's Jesus Home for Children in the town of Arani in order to build an additional building (dinning & sleeping room) for the 120 children living there as they did not have enough space in the current building they had.


I was able to raise 50'000 CHF from family donations and especially from my beloved grand-father Jean-Pierre Cuoni.

Later on, with the cooperation of Friends of India and their team, we organized and supervised the construction of the new ' Noëlle Demole Building ' all painted in royal blue and finished two years later in 2014.


I am very thankful to my dear friend Mrs. Pam Walsh (Founder & President of FOI) for helping me with working and communicating with the local workers for this wonderful dream project that became reality !

The Architectural Plan...

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The Noëlle Demole Building in Arani
2 workers on the construction field at the beggining of the project,  Arani (2011)

The local workers were extremely trustworthy and efficient with the construction of the project. We thank them very much for their hard work and honesty during the 2 years. 

Dr. Priscilla Nirmalakumari was supervising the daily construction process along with Pam Walsh who was regularly travelling to the site.

The children waiting for the inauguration of the Noëlle Demole Building along with Pam Walsh, Pricilla Nirmalakumari & Brother David

' The point I want to make is that when people say that in order to be happy you have to give more, help others or the fact that it is not by looking at yourself and trying to fill your life that you are going to be satisfied, it’s looking out for others, well, let me tell you something...all that is absolutely true. I have never been more convinced in my life after coming back from India. Helping the ones in need is what our existence is all about. It is in fact where where true happiness and satisfaction lies '

                  - Noëlle Alice Demole (Personal Travelogue, 2012)

Drawings from the children to say thank you for the construction 

A special dedication of the creation fo this association to a boy called M. Sitrarasu that I have had the chance to meet in 2012 at the orphanage. He was an inspiration to me all the way since all these past years and it is especially because of him that my heart will always stay close to India.


He is one of the reasons why I promised myself that one day I will  help more children in need of more love and care. His was dressed in a pink shirt and his name means 'Little Prince' in Tamul. I will never forget what he brougth to me.

To further read on my first humanitarian trip to India in February 2012 where it all started, feel free to download my personal travelogue I wrote while I was working on the field ! 

 Thank you for your interest :)

My travelogue in India, 2012 :

Noëlle Demole with the orphans
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