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Our association is composed of 7 active members working together between Switzerland & India. In addition, we also work closely with 3 external companies that help us for accounting, audit, legal and tax matters The association was created in May 2019. 

Dr. Priscilla Nirmalakumari

Local Partner Founder & Director

SUEB Group

Jean-François Demole


Shere Khan's Youth Protection

Me Nicolas Guiramand

General Secretary

 Shere Khan's Youth Protection

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Founder and director of our local partner the NGO SUEB Group (Society for the Upliftment of the Economically Backward) in Tami Nadu, Dr. Nirmalakumari also founded the SUEB community college (afiliated to government organization ICRDCE) mainly focusing on the empowerment of women and has been working in this area for over twenty years. Nirmalakumari has met Demole in 2012 in India as she hosted her while doing her first humanitarian work experience in Arani with Friends of India. Since then, a friendship has grown between the two and that is why they decided to partnership in order to help the association to be be well-organized on the field. Nirmalakumari holds a PhD in teacher education and personal development. She is currently living in the city of Chennai, India. 

Jean-François is the founder of Demole Capital Partners in Geneva, Switzerland and has a strong banking experience of about 25 years at Pictet Group. He supports Shere Khan's youth Protection serving as the vice-president and actively participates at the annual board meeting with the president and the general secretary. Demole holds an MBA from the University of Pittsburg in the US. He is currently living in London, UK.

Nicolas Guiramand is a Swiss lawyer from Geneva and is the co- founder of the BEKER GUIRAMAND SEPE law firm. He assists the association with the making of the Procès-Verbal (PV) on an annual basis. He supports Shere Khan's Youth Protection serving as the general secretary participating actively at the annual board meeting with the president and the vice-president. He is currently living in Geneva, Switzerland.

Mr. B. Srinivasan

Manager of Activities

SUEB Group 

Mr. Srinivasan is the SUEB Manager at SUEB Group and monitors the overall activities withinh the team. More specifically, his role is to identify prospective students in need from Perungalathur and Thiruporur in Tamil Nadu by visiting them in their homes or in the streets. He will analyze the situation of each individual and report back to us for the decision-making process. Srinivasan helps students with the colleges/school applications, translation of documents from Tamil to English, sends us all compliance documents, receipts and exam results. 

Mrs. Sridevi

 Coordinator & Monitoring officer

SUEB Group

Ms. Sridevi is our coordinator of Thiruvannamalai District and Uthiramerur at SUEB Group and will help Mr. B. Srinivasan with  the investigation and recruitment of new individuals in need. She also manages the monitoring and reporting of all activities that are in Tamil. Mrs. Sridevi brings expertise in the seriousness and control of the association's ongoing work. She is also the ones that monitors closely the well-being of each student during their studies in terms of their basic needs.

Mrs. Hemalatha

HRD & Admin Officer

SUEB Group

Ms. Hema is our H.R.D & Admin Officer at SUEB Group and her role is to maintain accounts and records of all payments and any other financial matter between the Shere Khan's Youth Protection and the Universities/Schools. Mrs. Hema creates strong foundations to make sure the association's activities stay ethical and sustainable. Her role is to keep an eye on the potential risks of money-laundering or any other financial fraud. Thus, she makes sure all documents are compliant. 

Accounting &  Treasury

External auditing

A.L.R Fiduciaire SA in Geneva are helping us on a monthly basis (2 hours per month) for the payments, accounting, tax declaration and compliance revision of all transactions (done by June each year). They assure that all accounts are kept clean as they keep track of everything by maintaining precise accounts in order to be compliant with the Swiss law. 

Ypsom Partners in Geneva are helping us once a year (1-2 full days per year) for the surveillance and external auditing of our accountant's services on a yearly basis. They make sure the accounts are managed in the right and most efficient way so that there are no errors. A detailed audit report is made for us on an annual basis (done by June each year).


BEKER GUIRAMAND SEPE in Geneva are helping us through the year from time to time with any legal matters we encounter. They advise us and support our work on a regular basis. Moreover, they helped us to legally register the association so that donors are able to make their donations tax deductible.

Noëlle Alice Demole

CEO, Founder & President

Shere Khan's Youth Protection

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Founder & President of the association, Demole has always had the dream to create her own NGO as soon as she came back from her first humanitarian experience in India in 2012. She has always shown concern for the world at a large and more particularly for humanitarian issues of today's world. Once immersed in this unique experience with the children she met, emerged a deep desire to collaborate with SUEB Group to support my future project she had in the back of her head. To make her dream a reality, Demole vowed to herself, on her way back home to Switzerland, that one day she will ' help in any way these children as much as I will be able to, I will never forget the children I have met and gotten attached to'. As she always says, India was: ' the most life-changing experience I have ever lived '. She organized and leads the annual board meeting happening every January. Demole holds a Bachelor degree in International Relations from EU Business School as well as a Master's degree in Negotiation & Conflict Resolution from Columbia University in the US. She is currently living in Geneva, Switzerland.


Making education a possibility for the young Indian generation.


A world where every young boy and girl gets a chance to be financially independent in the future.


 COMMITMENT to the local youth who needs us


COLLABORATION with our local partner




INTEGRITY with ourselves


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